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Sluchy Cup

Sluchy Cup

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Introducing the revolutionary Slushy Cup, your ticket to instant icy indulgence! With its innovative oxygen-based freezing technology, the Slushy Cup transforms any ordinary beverage into a chilled, refreshing slushy in under 60 seconds. No more waiting for ice to freeze or dealing with bulky blenders – simply freeze, squeeze, and savor the sensational taste of your favorite drink in slushy form.

Designed for ultimate convenience, the Slushy Cup is a breeze to use. Just fill, freeze, and squeeze to enjoy a delicious slushy whenever and wherever you desire. Whether you're relaxing at home, hosting a party, or on-the-go, the Slushy Cup provides the flexibility to enjoy a frosty beverage at your fingertips.

But the magic doesn't stop there – unleash your creativity with endless flavor possibilities! Mix and match your favorite drinks to concoct custom slushy creations that tantalize your taste buds. And with quick and easy cleanup, thanks to its user-friendly design, the Slushy Cup ensures that the fun never ends.

Say goodbye to ordinary drinks and hello to extraordinary refreshment with the Slushy Cup. Experience the thrill of instant slushy satisfaction – your beverage, your slushy, your way.


  • Material: Safety material (Silicone).
  • 100% safe for you and your children.
  • Size: 20.6*10.6*10.6cm.
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