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Abs stimulator

Abs stimulator

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No sweat alternative! I use it comfortably on my stomach and buttocks and training modes are awesome.


Do you want to have more redefined abs or simply have tighter and better-looking arms, buttocks, and other body parts without intensive workouts? Osmo SportPad uses innovative EMS technology powered by realistic 6 training modes that will help you reach your fitness goals without having to spend hours each day in the gym. You can use it on your abdominal area or on your arms or legs to have more redefined muscles and shape.

With 9 intensity levels, you can choose the one you find most comfortable and slowly progress over time to have even better results. You can carry it with you anywhere and it can be worn under the clothes or simply when you're watching TV or doing some house work. It's time for you to get in your desired shape while not neglecting other responsibilities or spending hours in the gym.

The Science Behind Training Technology

Osmo SportPad uses innovative EMS training technology that sends signals directly to your targeted muscle group providing a realistic muscle movement replicating workout experience.

With 6 realistic training modes and 9 intensity levels, you can gradually increase intensity to keep progressing and having better results.

It’s designed to fit any body part, so you can use it on the abdominal area, arms, butt, legs, or any muscle group you want to redefine.

Suitable for both men and women to have comfortable pain-free experience.

More about Osmo SportPad

  • Forget about lifting heavy weights: No need to spend hours in the gym each day as now you can stimulate your muscles without any excessive gym work.
  • Multi-functional tool: You might want to target different muscle groups instead of just abs and you can now do it with SportPad comfortably.
  • No sore muscles: EMS (TENS) technology is used in muscle relaxation as well, so you won’t experience sore muscles or pain on your journey.
  • Only 15 minutes per day: You can wear it while watching your favorite TV show or put it under the clothing and wear it anywhere you want.
  • Toning at its best: With 9 intensity levels, you can gradually progress and keep toning your muscles until you reach your desired looks.


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