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Book Light

Book Light

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Light Up Your Reading Time

Experience the joy of reading without limitations.

Our book light enhances your reading environment, ensuring you can indulge in your favorite books without any hassle.

Unlock Your Reading Potential

Don't let poor lighting dim your reading experience.

With our book light, you'll immerse yourself in every page, whether it's day or night.

Illuminate Your Reading Experience

Tired of straining your eyes in dim lighting?

Our book light provides the perfect solution, allowing you to read comfortably anytime, anywhere.

The Perfect Solutions Book Light/USB Task Light is a super-bright booklight that runs on batteries to illuminate reading materials whereveryou are, without disturbing others. It also powers-up throughyour computer's USB port, functioning as a mini task lamp when you needto light up notes and reports. The book light/task lightfeatures a natural-spectrum cold cathode bulb with high and lowbrightness settings, and is perfect for travel as it clips to books orstands upright.
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