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Butterfly Knife Fork Spoon Trainer

Butterfly Knife Fork Spoon Trainer

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Butterfly Spoon Knife: More than just cutlery

A fleeting blade? No, meet our unique Butterfly Spoon Knife, a perfect blend of functionality and artistry. It's a spoon on your dining table, but with a twist – it transforms into a flipping butterfly knife, adding a touch of creativity and skill to your meals.

Each Butterfly Spoon Knife is meticulously crafted to ensure smooth flipping and rotating actions, all while maintaining its primary function as a spoon. Whether used as an everyday utensil, showcasing your flipping skills, or as a unique gift, it's the ideal choice.

Note: This product is designed to mimic the aesthetics of a butterfly knife and is not intended to function as an actual blade. Safety first – rest assured in its use.

Type: Folding Blade Knife
Handle Material: Stainless steel
Blade Material: Stainless steel
Model Number: Folding Butterfly Knife
Butterfly Knife: Spoon head, fork head
feature 1: Folding Blade Knife
feature 2: Folding Butterfly Knife
feature 3: Unedged Butterfly Knife
feature 4: Butterfly Knife Fork Spoon
feature 5: Outdoor Game
feature 6: Outdoor Tool
feature 7: Fork Spoon
feature 8: Beginner Practice Knife

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