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LED Car Ashtray

LED Car Ashtray

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Rev up your car's style and keep it clean with our LED Car Ashtray! 🚗💨

🔥 【Easy to Carry】 Our portable ashtray is very precise and compact. Because of its light weight and convenient carrying, it does not take up space and can be carried with you. Fireproof materials with smoke holes are convenient and practical.

🚭 【Removable & Easy to Clean】 The inner lining of the portable car ashtray is movable, easy to clean, good sealing performance, and the smoke is not easy to spread. The ashtray has a removable compartment, so you can remove the lid when cleaning the inside of the ashtray.

💪 【Car Ashtray with LED Light】 When the cover is opened and lifted, the colored lights will light up. In addition, the lid can be closed firmly to prevent the odor from spreading or tangling.

Effortless and Dazzling 🌟

"Seamless Functionality"

Crafted for user convenience, the LED Car Ashtray effortlessly illuminates your car interior through the night. This hassle-free enhancement to your daily commute ensures seamless operation, making driving a breeze.

Futuristic Feel Unlocked ✅

"Elevate Your Journey"

Embrace the allure of the future with our innovative product. Whether you're tuned in to your favorite beats or soaking in the ambient sounds of your surroundings, you'll be transported to another realm.

Detailed description:
Material: Plastic
Size: 10 x 8 cm (H x D)
Battery Model: 2032 3V
Compatible Vehicles: Universal
Instructions for Use: Put it on the mobile phone cup holder of the car.

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