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5000mA HeatWave™ Micro

5000mA HeatWave™ Micro

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HeatWave™ Micro is the perfect solution for keeping your hands warm and cozy during the coldest of days.

The Micro is pocket-sized and rechargeable. Fabric-lined to keep the product from feeling uncomfortable, while also giving you multiple temperature options to choose from so you can adjust it to the desired heat level with ease. Charge the HeatWave™ every night and it will offer up to 6 hours of warmth whenever needed throughout your day.  


Extended Battery Life

The HeatWave™ Micro's 5000mA battery which gives it 2-3x longer battery life than its competitors. Yet it still fits right in your pocket at 3.5" Diameter x 1.5" thick. With its 8 hour battery life when fully charged you can work, bike, fish or play outside with more comfort and for longer.


Adjustable Temperature

The HeatWave™ Micro offers 3 levels of warmth. The adjustments allow the micro-fleece flannel to reach the exact temperature that's comfortable for you.


Water Resistant

The HeatWave™ Micro's micro-fleece flannel shell with hydrophobic membrane interior helps to keep it water resistant. Although we recommend powering it off to let it dry, if it becomes moderately to very damp with liquids for any reason.


Size: 3.5" Diameter x 1.4" Thick
Material: Micro-Fleece Flannel
Power Supply Mode / Connection: USB-C
Rated Voltage: 5v/2A
Heating Method: Electric
Capacity: 5000mA Lithium Battery
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