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Rolling Knife Sharpener

Rolling Knife Sharpener

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✅ Subversive Sharpening: Effortlessly roll the sharpening disc using the magnetic knife holder for extraordinary results in no time.

✅ Precise Fixed Angle: Secure your blade at a consistent 20° or 15° angle, accommodating any knife size.

✅ Versatile Angles: Optimal 15° angle for delicate cuts, 20° for robust tasks, like sushi, sashimi, and more.

✅ Diamond and Ceramic: Equipped with durable diamond and ceramic discs for efficient sharpening.

✅ Multi-Purpose: Sharpen knives of different sizes and even scissors with multiple stages.


Father and son team, Otmar and Timo Horl, from Germany's Black forest have rethought the traditional steel and stone methods of knife sharpening. Turning the process on it's head to increase control and accuracy. Made beautifully in Dark Walnut or as pictured here in Oak. It is an elegant solution for an eternal problem (it is in a lovely box too, which makes for easy gift wrapping).

Having used a whetstone previously, this is so much better. Strong magnets hold the knife at the correct angle - you can choose between 20 degrees for European knives and 15 degrees for Japanese style knives (if you aren't sure there's a 'pen method' to help). Then just roll the diamond face of the Horl along the edge to sharpen. Turn the Horl over to hone with the ceramic disc. Wipe clean or ideally finish with a leather strop (available separately). The new edge is an even bevel from hilt to tip. Most importantly, it is repeatable. Giving you the same perfect angle every time you sharpen.

It can cope with wide, narrow, long, and short knives. Easier and quicker than alternative methods, sharpening your knives becomes a pleasure instead of a chore. You can refurbish chipped and notched knives too.

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