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LED Note Board

LED Note Board

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Easy & Convenient

This LED Note Board is a breeze to use, making creativity and expression effortless
With its unique design, writing and drawing become a novel experience, while erasing your creations is just as simple.

 Our Key Features: 

- Visual Learning: Hands-on drawing enhances cognitive skills, fostering holistic development
- Creativity: Empowers kids, boosting self-assurance in their creative abilities & skills
- Increase Focus: Encourages experimentation, fostering innovative thinking & the ability to focus

🌟 Material: Exquisite Premium Acrylic, Advanced LED Technology, Electronic Components

🌟 Board: Transparent Acrylic of the Finest Quality

🌟 Base: Elegantly Crafted White Finish

🌟 Types: Select from Blank, Calendar, or Round Shape

🌟 Light Color: Embracing Warmth

🌟 Size
Horizontal: Board measures 15 x 10.9cm; Base measures 9.74cm

Vertical: Board measures 10 x 15cm; Base measures 9.74cm

Round: Board measures 12.5cm; Base measures 9.74cm
Package Contents:

🎁 1 Exquisite Acrylic Board

🎁 1 Sleek and Stylish Base + USB Charging Cable

🎁 1 Thoughtfully Designed Pen
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