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5Inch Motion Frame Memorie

5Inch Motion Frame Memorie

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Introducing the Digital Video Frame: A Captivating, Technology-Powered Showcase of Memories.
Display your most cherished memories with unprecedented flair with our Digital Video Frame. This technologically advanced device blends the conventional appeal of classic photo frames with the convenience of a digital presentation, serving up your favorite memories in dazzling detail. 
Replay Your Most Cherished Moments

Endlessly replay memories captured on video in a beautiful 5 or 10-inch HD acrylic frame and LCD screen. Simply connect it to your computer and put your best videos on it!


The Cutest Gift Ever

Our gorgeous digital video frame will undoubtedly be one of the most unique and sentimental gifts they have ever received!

Don't Just Tell Them, Show Them.

Create a memory that lasts forever. Infinitely replay your videos and photos with the sound feature!

How to Set up?   Here are 3 Easy steps to do it!

1. Connect your Motion Frame to a Laptop or Computer 
2. A file will pop up named "Untitled" You can Download your videos on the "video file" or your pictures on the "picture file"
3. Once you're done click on "Eject Untitle" all the way to the bottom in the tab named untitled to save your Videos and Pictures ❤
Now you're Ready to enjoy your favorite Memorie's 🥰
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