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Painless Flair Razor

Painless Flair Razor

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How it works
With precision micro-oscillation and sensa-light technology, it gently removes unwanted hair from the skin. No more razor cuts, bumps or strawberry peels. Its Sensa-light technology attacks ingrown hairs at the root, preventing them from fully regrowing thicker. It is completely safe to use on any part of the body.

Say Bye To Cuts And Pimples!

Stop using razors and waxes that damage your skin. Our sensa-light technology and soft materials moisturize your skin without leaving cuts or pimples.

Silky smooth skin without the hassle!



Our laser hair remover gently but quickly removes unwanted hair without irritation, unlike waxing. Once the hair has been removed it never grows back. Become COMPLETLY hair free after 6 weeks!

Designed to remove hair from its follicles without damaging the skin's surface, revealing baby-smooth skin after each use!

Ditch the razor, switch to laser!


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