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This prop is perfect for giving friends and family a good scare during Halloween or any time of the year. Its realistic face resembles that of a real man, creating the eerie illusion of someone peering through the window at you.

The prop boasts leering eyes, filled with an eerie intensity, peering out from a furrowed brow, giving the illusion of someone watching from the outside. The hands are positioned in a cupped manner around the face, creating a disturbing scene that mimics a person trying to get a closer look inside.

With its pockmarked face and lifelike detailing, the scary peeper creeper" looks startlingly real, making it an ideal addition to your Halloween decorations. Placed strategically near a window or in unexpected locations, it's sure to send shivers down the spines of anyone who encounters it, creating a truly spine-chilling and memorable experience. Whether it's Halloween or any other time of the year, this prop is guaranteed to give friends and family an unforgettable scare they won't soon forget!

The scary peeper creeper comes with handy suction cups, allowing you to easily attach this hanging face mask to almost any flat mirror or window-like surface. You can confidently place it outside bedrooms, offices, or living rooms for a spine-chilling effect.

A window-hanging decoration that creates the eerie illusion of someone peering into or out of your home, giving the unsettling feeling that they've been watching you the entire time. This spine-chilling prop is guaranteed to freak people out every time they pass by. But beware, if you forget it's there, be prepared to run from your home screaming for help!

Peeper/Black Peeping
Clown Peeping
Witch Peeping
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