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Precision Mop

Precision Mop

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Precision Mop: Redefine Cleaning.


Key Features:

  • Triangular Design: Tackles every corner, ensuring a dust-free environment.

  • 360° Rotation: Easily maneuver around furniture and tight spaces.

  • Ultra-Fast Absorption: Microfiber cloth picks up water and dirt in just 5 seconds.

  • Extended Reach: 1.3m pole gets to high ceilings and windows with ease.

  • Hands-Free Wringing: Keep your hands dry with an automatic water-squeezing function.


      Crafted with Care:

      Safety and ease converge in the TriFit Precision Mop. The integrated push-pull automatic water squeezing function ensures that your hands remain dry and comfortable, eliminating the age-old discomfort of traditional mopping. Plus, with our hand mimic cleaning design, it feels as intuitive as if you're cleaning with your very own hands.



      Why choose us?

      Shift from the hassle of regular mops. cleaning is intuitive, effective, and hassle-free. Experience a cleaner, brighter home effortlessly.


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