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Puppy Splasher Pad

Puppy Splasher Pad

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Is your fur baby dehydrated and tired from the blazing summer heat?

Keep your pooch cool during the hot days of summer with a bit of water play. Most dogs love splashing about in a doggie pool. Who can blame them? They will have a fantastic playtime with both the fountain effect and just tromping around inside the dog pools. 

Concerned about your pups nails puncturing the pad?

No Worries! Our sprinkler pad is extremely safe & durable with an anti-skid design so there are NO interruptions to your pups play time! It has an amazing cooling effect for your furry friend PLUS kids will LOVE to play too! So, sit back and relax on the hottest of summer days and enjoy watching your pup play! 

Steps to Use

  1. Put the gasket on the connector
  2. Install the water hose connector
  3. Connect waterpipe on to the mat
  4. Attach waterpipe to the faucet and fill with water


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