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Screwdriver Head Magnetic Ring (BUY 6 GET 4 FREE & FREE SHIPPING🔥)

Screwdriver Head Magnetic Ring (BUY 6 GET 4 FREE & FREE SHIPPING🔥)

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                     Why you'll love it🛠️
✅ Strong Magnetic Hold: Equipped with a strong magnetic ring on the head, this tool is perfect for securing long screws and performing work at height, holding the screws firmly without wobbling. The strong magnetism prevents screws from falling and provides a stable and reliable screwing experience.

✅ Adjustable Magnetic Ring: The innovative design allows the magnetic ring to move up and down to accommodate screws with different cross-slot depths. This adaptability ensures that the bit is always inserted correctly, increasing efficiency and accuracy in your work.

✅ Designed for extended screws: The high-strength magnetism of this bit is ideal for handling extended self-tapping screws and end screws to prevent them from being driven too deeply into the material. This feature ensures a precise and controlled screwing process



With a simple insertion of the screwdriver bit into the magnetic ring, watch as the screwdriver head comes alive, instantly magnetized and gripping the screw tightly. Say goodbye to fumbling and dropped screws—now, picking them up is a breeze, ensuring smooth and efficient work every time!


Crafted from premium stainless steel, our magnetizer ring boasts rapid magnetic attraction, anti-slip properties, and exceptional durability. With exquisite craftsmanship and high precision, it's built to withstand impacts and resist corrosion. Plus, it ensures no damage to both the screw and the screwdriver head, guaranteeing a reliable and long-lasting performance.


Instant magnetization, permanent magnetic strength. Leave the magnetizer on the tool for added magnetic power.


Our screwdriver magnetic ring offers quick and easy magnetization of small tools and screwdrivers. It effortlessly attracts screws, nuts, or metallic particles, making starting and removing them a breeze. Perfect for any situation where screws need to be added.


Materials:Chrome vanadium alloy steel,Magnet



1 x Screwdriver Head Magnetic Ring

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