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Glow Buddy - Baby Sleep Buddy

Glow Buddy - Baby Sleep Buddy

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What Makes Glow Buddy So Special?

Glow Buddy will transform bedtime into a magical experience with our captivating, glow in the dark star shaped pillows.

Glow Buddy is the comfiest pillow EVER! These pillows create a soothing and cosy embrace, making bedtime a breeze!

Glow Buddy provides a comforting night light, reducing nightmares and providing a good night sleep for your kids... or maybe even yourself lol.

Glow Buddy complements any room and we mean that! 

Glow Buddy is suitable for all ages! Watch the joy come over their face once they see it in action! It's the perfect gift!

Glow Buddy is designed for easy maintenance! It's so easy to clean ensuring its beautiful glow and plush comfort lasts FOREVER!

Ease Into Evenings with Glow Buddy

Sick of bedtime battles with your kids? You won't have to worry about that ever again! The Glow Buddy will effortlessly provide a comforting and calming ambiance that guarantees a restful night's sleep for kids.

Say Goodbye to Nightmares!

Glow Buddy provides a reassuring presence that makes kids feel like they're not alone. Countless parents have reported a significant reduction in nightmares after introducing the Glow Buddy into their child's bedtime routine. 

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