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The MiniCam™

The MiniCam™

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The camera that will help you remember every important moment in your life

The perfect gift for young minds

Not only is it the perfect gift, but our camera also encourages creative thinking in your child, a vital component in their brain development 🧠

the summer is here! This means parties, festivals, beach trips and holidays. The mini camera will allow you to capture and save the important moments of your life for a long time. The camera can also take videos!
✔️ Transfer the photos and videos immediately to the phone with the USB cable that comes with the package
✔️ Can take photos and videos, including selfie mode
✔️ Small enough to fit in your pocket

Unique and creative photography

The camera captures classic photos, which will give you a sense of nostalgia and authenticity. The camera also includes a selfie mode, filters and a time stamp option. Unlike competitors whose cameras are disposable, our cameras are reusable and last a


Do I need to buy a memory card? What comes with my order?

No, we got you covered! Every order comes with camera, charger, 8G memory card and USB so you can move your photos to any device of your choice.

Does it come with batteries or is it rechargeable?

No batteries are necessary, just use the quick-charger that comes with it and you're good to go!

What age group is this for?

Generally, our camera is recommended for kids 3 and older!

How is the camera quality? Does it also have video?

Although it's not professional quality, it's still great quality kids. Here are some examples:

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