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Rocket Sprinkler

Rocket Sprinkler

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🚀 Your kids will love it on a hot summer day

👍 Make your time with your kids or pets much more fun on hot summer days with rocket sprinkler.

😎 Install Easily with Simple Installation

👍 Step 1: Connect the Hose
👍 Step 2: Connect the hose to the faucet outlet in the courtyard
👍 Step 3: Turn the valve and tighten!
NOTE: Please open the valve of the faucet slowly. The Higher the Water Pressure, the faster the spin and the higher the spray height.

😍 Kids will love these decorations

👍With the stickers in the product packaging, you can decorate your rocket uniquely and paste it according to your favorite position to make the rocket toy more beautiful.

💯 High Altitude / Various Use

👍Rocket sprinklers can reach heights of up to 1.8 meters / 70 inches (This may vary depending on your water pressure). Whether your children play with water or water your garden.

🔥 Easy to assemble

👍1. Connect the connectors at both ends of the water pipe first.

👍2. Insert the connector into the launch base.

👍3. Drop the other connector and fix it on the faucet outlet.

👍4. Put the rocket on the launch base and slowly turn on the tap. The rocket will spin upwards for take-off as the water pressure increases.

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